Final Review Meeting in Aarhus

The final CCQED meeting took place from 29-31 October 2014 at Aarhus University in Denmark. For more detailled information please visit the organizer´s website.

The meeting reviewed the scientific and training outcomes of the project. In total, it covered 19 talks, 14 by CCQED partners and 5 by external speakers. Talks given by the CCQED partners were mostly split  into a talk given by the PI and a talk given by the respective CCQED fellow. While the PIs will presented their work progress in a more general way, the fellows reported about their particular projects, tasks and training within the network. Particular attention was given to invited speakers outside the field of CCQED physics to further enhance the visibility of the network as well as the work done under a Marie-Curie action.

Invited speakers

Andrew Briggs (Oxford University, UK): “Coupling of electron spin ensembles to cavity fields”
Peter Lodahl (University of Copenhagen, DK): “Quantum dots in photonic crystals”
Philippe Grangier (Institute d’Optique, F): “Controlling quantum states of the light using Rydberg atoms in an optical cavity”
Benjamin Huard (École Normale Supérieure, F): “Circuit CQED with superconducting qubits”
Dan Stamper-Kurn (Berkeley University, US): “Cold ensembles of atoms in cavities”

CCQED speakers

Maria Bernard-Schwarz (National Instruments, Munich)
Frank Deppe (WMI Garching)
Roberto Di Candia (UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
Andràs Dombi (Wigner RCP)
Peter Domokos (Wigner RCP)
Simone Felicetti (UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
Jose Gallego (U Bonn)
Sebastien Gleyzes (LKB-ENS Paris)
Pinja Haikka (U Aarhus)
Philipp Heck (Menlo Systems, Martinsried)
Ronald Holzwarth (Menlo Systems)
Kristinn Juliusson (CEA Saclay)
Olivier Legrand (U Aarhus)
Dieter Meschede (U Bonn)
Karim Murr (LENS Florence)
Helmut Ritsch (U Innsbruck)
Raimar Sandner (U Innsbruck)
Mathias Stammeier (ETH Zurich)
Jürgen Stuhler (Toptica Photonics, Gräfelfing)
Tobias Thiele (ETH Zurich)
Denis Vion (CEA Saclay)
Tatjana Wilk (MPI of Quantum Optics Garching)
Ling Zhong (WMI Garching)