YES Meeting 2014 in Landeck Zams

The Young European Scientists meeting 2014 (YES) was fully organized by the CCQED fellows. In total, 22 participants, including young scientists from outside the network, joined the meeting. After the YES meeting 2013 in Zurich, it was the second meeting of its kind. The meeting took place from 23-29 March 2014 at the Venet Summit Hut, a modern facility at the mountain station of a cable car near Landeck in Austria.

All participants could present their own recent work in a 20 min. talk. Moreover, the meeting offered the opportunity to invite experienced scientists in the field of CCQED and from other disciplines. The presentations had a very informal character with vivid discussions.

As supplementary training, the CCQED fellows chose a course on “Cognitive Bias in Science and Everyday Life“. In this workshop, the participants learned to identify situations in which people tend to make irrational decisions, and how to avoid them. The course, which consisted of a theory part and several group exercises, was very well received both among the CCQED fellows and the other invited speakers. The presented concepts can be applied to a variety of situations, like group discussions or the interpretation of scientific data, and therefore help young researchers in their daily work.

In addition to the scientific program, several free time activities rounded off the event: skiing during lunch breaks, a snowshoe hike to the neighboring summit and a “Tirolean Evening” with a performance of traditional dances.


Maria Bernard-Schwarz (NI): “Simulating and Controlling atoms inside an optical cavity using FPGAs and Real-Time tools”

Roberto Di Candia (UPV/EHU): “Embedding Quantum Simulators”

András Dombi (Wigner RCP): “Quantum-semiclassical transition in optical bistability”

Igor Dotsenko (ENS-LKB): “QND measurement and Quantum control of light in a cavity”

Christopher Eichler (ETHZ): “Detection and Characterization of Itinerant Microwave Radiation at the Quantum Level”

Simone Felicetti (UPV/EHU): “The dynamical Casimir effect entangles artificial atoms”

José Gallego (UBO): “Photon Storage in Atomic Ensemble”

Anna Galler (TU Wien): “Electronic structure of solids: The LDA+DMFT approach”

Artem Golovizin (Menlo): “Hertz line width lasers and frequency combs”

Michele Guinta (Menlo): tba

Philipp Heck (Menlo): “Frequency Comb Generation in Micro Cavities”

Kristinn Juliusson (CEA): “Transmon-controlled Harmonic oscillator”

Olivier Legrand (AU): “A frequency doubled laser source for experiments on ion Coulomb crystals”

Tracy Northup (UIBK): “Entangled ions in an optical cavity”

Jorge Puebla Nunez (attocube): “Scanning probe microscopy in an ultra-low vibration closed-cycle cryostat”

Raimar Sandner (UIBK): “What’s new in C++QED?”

Mathias Stammeier (ETHZ): “3D cavity with electrodes for Stark-effect tuning of Rydberg atoms”

Tatjana Wilk (MPQ): “Cavity QED in the Quantum Dynamics Division at MPQ”

Ling Zhong (WMI): “Squeezing with a flux-driven Josephson parametric amplifier”


Local Organizer: Raimar Sandner, ESR at partner UIBK (click here for the YES 2014 homepage of the local organizer)

Organization of talks and training: Carla Hermann (CNRS), Matthias Stammeier (ETHZ), Maria Bernard-Schwarz (NI), Kristinn Juliusson (CEA)