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Company Overview

National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design applications. Using NI open graphical programming software and modular hardware, customers at more than 30,000 companies annually simplify development, increase productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market. From testing next-generation gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices, NI customers continuously develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people.

At a Glance

Corporte headquarters:        Austin, Texas

Year established:                1976

Global operations:               more than 5,200 employees and direct operations in more than 40 countries

Diversity:                            30,000 different companies worldwide, with no one customer representing more than 4 percent  of revenue and noone industry representing more than 15 percent of revenue

Revenue in 2010:                 $873M

Investment in R&D:              16% of annual revenue

NI Citizenship

At NI, we are committed to being responsible citizens to our global communities and stakeholders. We achieve this by maintaining a fun and innovative corporate culture, providing tools that inspire and empower engineers and scientists to improve the world, working to reduce our environmental footprint, and improving the communities in which we work and live.

A Unified Platform from Design to Deployment

Designing and testing increasingly complex products to meet tight time-to-market demands requires a highly efficient, tightly integrated platform. The NI graphical system design platform for test, control, and embedded design spans the entire product design cycle, dramatically increasing efficiency and improving the bottom line.

Engineers, scientists, and physicists around the world are working to solve various challenges in areas such as particle physics, fusion, and astronomy. From being able to graphically program embedded real-time systems based on multicore processors and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to working with high-speed data acquisition systems requiring timing and synchronization, engineers, scientists, and physicists use NI commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software like NI LabVIEW and hardware to help them meet their control and instrumentation needs.

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