TOPTICA Photonics AG in Gräfelfing/Munich, Germany

Based in Gräfelfing near Munich, Germany, TOPTICA Photonics AG develops and manufactures high-end lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial applications in the three technology fields: diode and fiber lasers as well as Terahertz system design. About 100 highly skilled employees transfer today’s research technology into new products for scientific and industrial applications.

TOPTICA, a spin-off of TuiLaser AG, a manufacturer of excimer lasers, was established in February 1998 – first under the name TuiOptics GmbH and then, in 2001, with a new corporate structure and the new name TOPTICA Photonics AG. The first product, the grating tuned diode laser DL 100, was developed already in 1995 together with Prof. Hänsch (University of Munich) for applications in atom cooling and atom trapping. By adding for example semiconductor amplifiers or intra-cavity frequency-doubling TOPTICA opened new power levels and wavelength ranges for narrow-band tunable diode lasers. The product range of compact lasers is still steadily expanding, serving the forefronts of scientific research (Physics Nobel Prize both in 1997 [Chu, Cohen-Tannoudji, Phillips] and 2001 [Cornell, Ketterle, Wieman]) and also the breadth of industry related research and engineering.

In 2003, TOPTICA started into the field of ultrashort fiber lasers together with Prof. A. Leitenstorfer (University of Konstanz). State-of-the art research on ultrafast fiber laser technology was converted into leading edge light sources for a broad variety of applications, such as Biophotonics, Terahertz generation, or Nanotechnology. Single-mode OEM diode lasers, multi-laser engines specially designed for microscopy or cytometry applications and systems for cw and pulsed Terahertz generation top of TOPTICA’s product range.

The strength of TOPTICA as a medium-sized enterprise is its ability to rapidly develop and engineer customer-specific lasers – not only for research institutions, but also customized OEM solutions for industrial manufacturers. With a focus on high-end specifications such as diffraction limited wavefront quality, ultrafast pulsing and full microprocessor control, TOPTICA Photonics converts laser diodes into high precision light sources.


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