Artem Golovizin
Early Stage Researcher

Menlo Systems, Germany

Academic Background

In 2007 I’ve entered Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where I’ve received Bachelor degree in 2011 and Master degree in 2013 in the specialization “General Mathematics and Physics”. Since 4′s grade I’m working at Lebedev Physical Institute’s laboratory with a magneto optical trap studying the Stark effect for 5D rubidium level. In September 2013 I started my PhD programme in the same laboratory under the supervision of professor Nikolay N. Kolachevsky, and the subject of the study is the interaction of cold rubidium atoms and optical modes of a tapered optical nanofiber.

Descrition of Work

I’ve started my work at Menlo Systems GmbH on November 2013. In this project my goal is to improve the locking of optical frequency combs to ultra-narrow-width CW lasers. This should allow one to achieve a stability of the comb frequency in the millisecond range, witch would lead to sub-kHz linewidth of the comb lines. Such narrow-line optical frequency combs are demanded in many applications – from precise optical frequency measurements to driving coherent Raman transitions. In addition we would also implement a compensation of the slow frequency drift of ULE-cavity stabilized CW laser reference by correction to a GPS signal.


Coherent excitation of the 5D5/2 level of ultra-cold rubidium atoms with short laser pulses
S.A. Snigirev, A.A. Golovizin, G.A. Vishnyakova, A.V. Akimov, V.N. Sorokin, N.N.Kolachevskii
QUANTUM ELECTRON, 2012, 42 (8), 714–720

Collimation of a thulium atomic beam by two-dimensional optical molasses
D Sukachev, E S Kalganova, A V Sokolov, A V Savchenkov, G A Vishnyakova, A A Golovizin, A V Akimov, N N Kolachevsky, V N Sorokin
QUANTUM ELECTRON, 2013, 43 (4), 374–378. DOI: 10.1070/QE2013v043n04ABEH015118