Jose C. Gallego
Early Stage Researcher

Institut für Angewandte Physik, Universität Bonn

Academic Background

I studied physics at the Universidad de Murcia (Spain) and I spent there the first three years of my degree. Then I went to the University of Birmingham (UK) for a whole year as an Erasmus Student, and worked on a theoretical project regarding “Population inversion in artificial atoms” with Prof. I. Yurkievich . The fifth and last year of the degree I got graduated on Theoretical Physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) , where I also performed my Masters degree in Theoretical Physics Foundations. My Master’s Thesis was based on “Cylindrical Wigner Functions applied to optical vortices” under the supervision and guidance of Prof. L.L. Sánchez-Soto.

Description of Work

The Fiber-CQED group at the IAP (UniBonn) is working on “Photon storage in mesoscopic atomic ensembles”. By using state-of-the-art fibers, we can achieve a high finesse and stable cavity made up of two fiber tips, which have been previously laser-machined to feature the proper shape and reflectivity. Small atomic ensembles can be trap within this cavity, providing an enhanced collective coupling. Single photons can be collectively absorbed by these ensembles of atoms creating “spin-wave” states, and later collectively reemitted on demand even if some of the atoms in the ensemble have decohered. Thus we can transform photonic quantum information into stationary qubits that can be read out, implementing then a quantum memory.