Dr. Mahmood Sabooni
Experienced Researcher

Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching

Academic Background

My main interest is mostly on experimental light-matter interaction in the quantum regime. During my PhD, my main focus was investigating ways to map the quantum state of light quanta (photon) to an ensemble of atom and retrieve it back as efficient as possible. By starting my postdoc in Munich, I want to extend my knowledge about quantum information processing to a new physical implementation (cavity-quantum electrodynamics).

Description of Work

In this project, we are investigating the interaction of a photon with an atom which sits inside a high finesse cavity. It turns out it is possible to map the state of a photon to an atom nondestructively. Our plan is to use this unique experimental environment to resolve interesting quantum level interaction between photon-atom and photon-photon. I am participating in all stages of the experiment, ranging from project planning over experimental implementation and data evaluation to presentation of the results on conferences and in peer-reviewed publications.


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