Maria Bernard-Schwarz
Early Stage Researcher

National Instruments GmbH, Munich, Germany

Academic Background

I have studied ‘Applied Physics’ for my bachelor degree and ‘Physical Energy and Measurement Engineering’ for my master degree at the Vienna University of Technology. Before university, I attended the Institute of Higher Education in Innsbruck with electrical engineering as key course element. In conjunction with my diploma thesis, I worked at the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. I did the electrical characterization and irradiation studies of silicon test structures for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) upgrade at CERN. I had been a member of the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment, where a collaboration within CMS has been formed to search for a suitable material for the tracking detector after the upgrade.

I have also been a summer student at CERN in 2010, where I worked in the machine protection department. In 2009, I worked as a project assistant at the Institute of Solid State Physics at the Vienna University of Technology, where I developed a system named ‘Hystersograph’ to measure magnetic field parameters.

Description of Work

I am working on a setup where a single atom is trapped inside an optical cavity. The atom is kept inside the cavity with using a feedback control. The trajectory of the atom is measured to react respectively. The feedback control should be improved to gain longer storage times of the atom inside the cavity. FPGA based products from National Instruments are used for this purpose. This work is under supervision of Prof. Martin Gröschl, IAP TU Wien.


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M. Bernard-Schwarz, talk at LabVIEW User Group Meeting (June 18th, 2012).

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