Mathias Stammeier
Early Stage Researcher

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Academic Background

I have studied diploma physics at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (2006-2011) with official graduation in March 2012. I spent the fourth year (2010) within the Go-East exchange program at Charles University Prague. In the fifth year (2011) I extended my visit for an external diploma thesis on quantum turbulence in 4He in the Laboratory of Prof. Skrbek, at the Joint Low Temperature Laboratory Prague. Since May 2012, when I moved to Zurich, Switzerland, I am a CCQED fellow and work as a member of the Quantum Device Lab at ETHZ on the hybrid system consisting of Rydberg atoms and superconducting circuits.

Description of Work

In the Quantum Device Lab at ETHZ I am working on a hybrid quantum system in a Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (CQED) setting. Two different quantum systems, Rydberg atoms and superconducting quantum circuits, are combined to form the hybrid system. The ultimate goal is to store quantum information processed in superconducting qubits with coherence times of 1-100 µs in longlived atomic Rydberg states with coherence times up to 30 ms. During my PhD I will work on a new cryogenic setup operating at temperatures down to 100 mK that will allow the demonstration of coherent coupling between Rydberg atoms and superconducting quantum circuits via microwave cavity photons.


Manipulating Rydberg atoms close to surfaces at cryogenic temperatures
T. Thiele, S. Filipp, J. A. Agner, H. Schmutz, J. Deiglmayr, M. Stammeier, P. Allmendinger, F. Merkt, and A. Wallraff
Phys. Rev. A 90, 013414