Menlo Systems GmbH

PhD on Ultra-low Phase-Noise Frequency Combs

Menlo Systems GmbH, Martinsried

Job summary

As part of the CCQED Initial Training Network Menlo Systems GmbH seeks to appoint an early stage researcher to work on the development of ultra low phase noise frequency combs.

Frequency combs have revolutionized precision spectroscopy since its invention about one decade ago. Today leading edge research in ultra cold atoms and optical atomic clocks as well as many fundamental physics questions require more and more precise optical frequency control capabilities. This imposes ever more demanding specifications on the frequency combs enabling such experiments.

It is therefore the goal of this project to substantially reduce the noise in current comb technology and make such low noise combs available for a number of leading edge applications.

In collaboration with our partners this work can be used towards a PhD in experimental physics.

Job description

You will work with experts in the field of frequency combs at Menlo and our collaboration partners to investigate phase noise properties of frequency combs based on fiber lasers or micro resonators. You will find ways to reduce the noise and apply these low noise combs to novel applications such as low noise RF generation, optical clocks or ultra precise spectroscopy. Our research is at the boundary between atomic physics, optics, engineering, manufacturing, and high-tech laser application. This appointment includes regular training in project management and planning.


You have a master in physics or an equivalent degree, you have graduated less than 4 years ago and you have spent the last two years outside Germany. You have a strong interest in quantum optics, atomics physics or optical engineering. Prior experience in a research laboratory will be helpful. Fluency in English is essential, fluency in German will be helpful but is not mandatory.

About Menlo Systems

Menlo Systems GmbH is a privately owned company located in Martinsried near Munich. The company has been founded in 2001 as a spin off from the Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ). The main focus is to commercialize the frequency comb technology developed at MPQ in the laser spectroscopy division of Prof. T. W. Hänsch. Today Menlo has about 65 employees. Menlo Systems produces frequency combs, fiber lasers, and laser control electronics.



Send your CV and reference letters (English or German) to Dr. Ronald Holzwarth (; +49-89-189166-0).

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