PhD in theoretical study of inhomogenous interactions in circuit and cavity quantum electrodynamics for quantum information technologies

Prof. Enrique Solano’s group at the University of the Basque country, Bilbao, Spain

Job description

The fields of cavity QED and circuit QED, the first inside quantum optics and the second in condensed matter physics, are considered among the most advanced quantum platforms for the study of fundamentals in quantum physics and potential applications in quantum information technologies. The first proof-of-principle demonstrations in quantum communication, quantum simulation, and quantum computing, have been already achieved. However, as we grow in complexity and scale up the systems towards mesoscopic models, we find diverse inhomogeneous behaviors in the multipartite matter-radiation coupling. Some of these inhomogeneities can be considered as undesired and will have to be countered. But it may be also clever to study them carefully and use them for the sake of robustness or for discovering new effects where their role is crucial. The goal of the proposed PhD thesis is to study these effects in the wide interdisciplinary scope of the merged fields: quantum optics, condensed matter, and quantum information technologies.

About Enrique Solano group at Bilbao

The group led by Prof. Enrique Solano has a long-standing experience and a large number of contributions in the related fields, in particular in quantum optics, superconducting qubits, circuit quantum electrodynamics, relativistic quantum mechanics, and quantum information. This group works in close contact with an international network of collaborators in Europe and different continents, supported by several local, European, and international grants, providing a friendly, competitive, and multicultural scientific environment.


The applicants should send via email to Prof. Enrique Solano a full CV including relevant diploma certificates, a one-page letter of motivation, and the name of 2-3 scientists for references. The applicants should make sure that at least two recommendation letters are also sent electronically as soon as possible. For informal inquiry write to the e-mail above and/or call to +34-946012530.