Bonn 2

PhD position in Quantum Optics

Prof. Dieter Meschede group at the Institute of Applied Physics, Wegelerstr. 8, D-53115 Bonn, Germany


Our cavity-QED experiment aims at strongly coupling a small number of trapped atoms to a fiber-based optical resonator to demonstrate efficient collective emission and absorption of single photons.

In another project, cold atoms in state-dependent optical lattices constitute a highly promising approach to realize quantum walks and coherent interactions between single atoms.

These projects are carried out in the quantum technologies group lead by Prof. Dieter Meschede, see

The first 4 months (probationary period) will be funded through CCQED. Subsequent funding for 3 to 4 years will be available from other sources.

Job description

QUANTUM REPEATERS WITH DICKE SUPERRADIANT STATES IN HIGH-FINESSE OPTICAL RESONATOR. The project consists of the realization of collective spontaneous emission (Dicke superradiance) in a regime of small controllable number of atoms (10…100). This has a important applications in quantum networks aiming at transporting quantum states over distances of hundreds of kilometers. For this purpose, we are developing a novel kind of fiberbased optical resonator which permits a highly efficient coupling of the photons to the cavity modes.

TWO-ATOM ENTANGLEMENT IN OPTICAL LATTICE THROUGH CONTROLLED COHERENT COLLISIONS. The project consists in producing two-atom entangled states by exploiting controlled coherent collisions. After cooling the atoms into the motional ground state of the optical trapping potential, this collisional mechanism combined with our ability to state-selectively transport the atoms will realize a universal two-qubit quantum logic gate operating with neutral cold atoms.


We are looking for a talented physicist (m/f) who is highly motivated to acquire deep knowledge in experimental Quantum Optics and wants to work as a member of a strong team. Solid background in Atomic Physics, Solid State physics, or similar is recommended. A master’s degree or Diplom in Physics is a prerequisite.


The applicants should send a full CV including relevant diploma certificates, a letter of motivation (1 page) and the contact details of three referees to Prof. Dieter Meschede. For informal inquiry contact: Dr. Wolfgang Alt, +49 228 733471