Bonn 1

PhD in collective emission physics in optical cavities

Prof. Dieter Meschede group at the Institute of Applied Physics, Wegelerstr. 8, D-53115 Bonn, Germany

Job description

The simultaneous coupling of two or more particles to the mode of a high-finesse resonator opens up promising ways to engineer quantum states and manipulate them. This includes for instance the creation of many-particle quantum-correlated states, the generation of entangled states, the transfer of quantum states between different particles or between particles and electromagnetic fields. This has important applications in quantum networks aiming at transporting quantum states over distances of hundreds of kilometers.

In this project, you will use small ensembles of 2…10 laser-cooled and optically trapped atoms. When simultaneously coupled to a high-finesse resonator they are expected to show joint particle-field excitations where the atoms share (a part of) the excitation among them. These states will exhibit interesting collective photon absorption and emission properties, such as super- and sub-radiant phenomena. By controlling and analyzing  the states of the individual atoms it is possible to realize a model system for exploring collective light-matter interaction in the strong coupling regime on a fundamental level.

In this experiment, you will get hands-on experience on cutting-edge research techniques and equipment such as: laser cooling and trapping of single atoms, ultra-high vacuum, low-noise electronics, control and automatization systems, data analysis, model-building and simulation of quantum-optical systems, computer-aided design of optical, electronical and mechanical components, and very importantly, development of scientific independent thinking.


We are looking for a talented physicist (m/f) who is highly motivated to acquire deep knowledge in experimental Quantum Optics and wants to work as a member of a strong team. Solid background in Atomic Physics, Solid State physics, or similar is recommended. A master’s degree or Diplom in Physics is a prerequisite.


The applicants should send a full CV including relevant diploma certificates, a letter of motivation (1 page) and the contact details of three referees to Prof. Dieter Meschede. For informal inquiry contact: Dr. Wolfgang Alt, +49 228 733471