Budapest 2

Short-term PhD training job in theoretical Quantum Optics at Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest

Our research group based in the Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics is committed to theoretical research in quantum optics and quantum information processing. We study cavity Quantum Electrodynamics, the physics of quantum gases realized by ultracold atoms, and quantum random walks.

More information on the group activity can be found at the website

The three months training job will be funded through CCQED. General information on the CCQED network can be found on this website.


We aim at studying quantum nonlinear multimode optics with a special focus on non-equilibrium effects. We plan to investigate the possibility of simulating the so-called superstrong coupling regime of cavity QED by means of single atoms in cavities. This regime is reached when the light scatterer within the resonator has such a large reflectivity that the spatial mode structure of the empty cavity is significantly deformed, i.e., the material object realizes effectively a dynamically moving boundary condition. Such a scenario has only been reached with mirrors or with many atom ensembles so far. Certain aspects of the unexplored quantum limit of the superstrong coupling regime can be addressed with single atoms in multimode cavity fields.


The applicants should send a full CV including relevant diploma certificates, a letter of motivation (1 page) and the contact details of a referee to Domokos.Peter[a]