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PhD on the theory of quantum dynamics of single atoms in multimode cavity fields

Peter Domokos Group, Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Department  of the Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics (RISSPO) , Budapest, Hungary

New regimes in cavity QED with a few degrees of freedom

Beyond the interest in quantum nonlinear multimode optics, single atoms in cavities offer the possibility of simulating the so-called superstrong coupling regime of cavity QED. This regime is reached when the light scatterer within the resonator has such a large reflectivity that the spatial mode structure of the empty cavity is significantly deformed, i.e., the material object realizes effectively a dynamically moving boundary condition. Such a scenario has only been reached with mirrors (vibrating membranes with reflection coating at Yale University) or with many atom ensembles so far. Certain aspects of the unexplored quantum limit of the superstrong coupling regime can be addressed with single atoms in multimode cavity fields.  RISSPO will consider this problem with the motivation that performing detailed calculations on the dynamics of single atoms moving in two-, or a few-mode cavity field will help in developing a quantum theory of dynamical boundary conditions.

Job description:

Within the CCQED FP7 project, the ESR will

  1. work on the theory of quantum nonlinear dynamics of one atom interacting with the multimode radiation field of a strongly coupled cavity, including the case when the atomic centre-of-mass is quantised;
  2. acquire skills to use the C++QED framework for simulating open quantum dynamics with an efficient but high level numerical code;
  3. transfer atomic cavity QED knowledge to solid state realizations.


The ESR must have a Master degree or equivalent in physics, good knowledge of quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, programming skills, and fluent English.


It is one of the research laboratories of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences representing a broad spectrum of cutting-edge experimental and theoretical research in fundamental physics. The CQED group has a long standing expertise in various fields of quantum optics.

Send a full CV  a letter of motivation (1 page) and a reference letter to Dr. Peter DOMOKOS, domokos (at)