PhD on Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with spins and superconducting qubits

Quantronics group, SPEC at the Comissariat à l’Energie Atomique, CEA Saclay, France

Job summary

The Quantronics Group (CEA Saclay) seeks to appoint a PhD student to work on a hybrid circuit architecture that aims at combining the advantages of microscopic systems (long coherence times) and of superconducting circuits (design flexibility, large coupling constants) in order to realize quantum devices with novel properties. Cavities are used as a quantum interface between the spin ensemble and the superconducting circuits, to mediate the coherent exchange of single photons between qubits and the spin ensemble. The spins that are used in our experiment are NV centers in diamond, one of the leading candidates for quantum information processing in the solid state.

Job description

You will get hands-on experience on low-temperature physics (dilution fridge), nanofabrication of superconducting circuits (cleanroom techniques, electron-beam lithography), low-noise microwave measurements. Our research is at the boundary between the physics of spins, superconducting circuits, and circuit quantum electrodynamics, and you will get expertise on all these topics.


You have a diploma in physics, with an emphasis on quantum optics or solid-state physics. Prior experience in a research laboratory is not mandatory but will be helpful. Fluency in French is not requested but is mandatory in English.

About CEA Saclay

CEA Saclay is located 20km south of Paris (reachable by public transportation), in the Saclay area which gathers a large concentration of laboratories and offers a strong scientific environment, with 150 researchers working in the field of solid-state physics. The Quantronics group (around 15 researchers) has 20 years of expertise in mesoscopic physics, superconducting electronics, and quantum circuits.


Send CV, statement of purpose and reference letter (English or French) to be emailed to Dr Patrice Bertet