PhD in quantum simulation of nonlinear atom-photon dynamics in resonators

Helmut Ritsch Quantum Optics group at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Innsbruck University, Austria

You will work on theoretical modeling and numerical simulation of few atoms moving in the optical potential generated by cavity sustained field modes. Further, you will actively contribute to CCQED by updating and extending the established C++QED quantum simulation package and apply it to study the quantum electrodynamics of atoms or ions interacting with light in resonators, and the field of solid-state superconducting circuits.

Job description

C++QED is a framework for simulating open quantum dynamics in general. It is able to simulate full Master equation up to several thousand, and quantum trajectories up to several hundred thousand dimensions. The basic idea of the framework is to allow users to build arbitrarily complex interacting quantum systems from elementary free subsystems and interactions between them and simulate their time evolution with a number of available time-evolution drivers. The ESR will work to add continuously new elements and adapt the programs to tackle the scientific tasks in the network.

For fast and easy interpretation of the data produced by C++QED there exists a python library called PyCppQED which automatizes this task as far as possible. It also provides functions for creating convenient initial statevectors which then can be passed on to C++QED. This library and the user interface will be improved by the ESR in collaboration with the network partner groups.

About Helmut Ritsch quantum optics group


The applicants should send a full CV including relevant diploma certificates, a letter of motivation (1 page) and the contact details of a referee to . For informal inquiry contact: (+43 512 507 6200).